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POL 100 class GEOPOLITICAL AFFAIRS Anna Krift on Friday, October 26th. 12-12:50

Country Briefing Research Paper (25% of final grade):

You are tasked with composing a country briefing of the country you select (you will identify your selection which will be designated during class discussion) and reflects the point of view of your country.

The country briefing will depict the following geographic components of your country (eight listed):

Geographical aspects:

  1. Physical Geography of the country
    1. Highlight key geographical features that define your country (terrain, climate, location)
  2. Historical Geography of the country
    1. highlight key events that shaped the country that we know today
  3. Cultural Geography of the country
  4. Political Geography of the country
  5. Economic Geography of the country
  6. Environmental Aspects (consider including the areas listed below)
    1. Climate
    2. Global Climate Change
    3. Sustainability
    4. Challenges
  7. Population (consider including the area listed below)
    1. Migratory Patterns
  8. Development (consider including the areas listed below)
    1. Poverty
    2. Inequality and Justice
    3. Human Development
Friday, October 26, 2018
12:00pm - 1:00pm
IB 313
Lynn University

Event Organizer

Hunter Murphy

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